In armpit hair removal treatment

Hair loss may occur using a razor in the armpit. Watch the mirror, raise your hand and do it. It is two hands minutes.

In armpit hair removal treatment

Precautions when removing hair with a razor in the armpit

The act of shaving the hair may be more familiar to men than to women. A woman needs makeup every morning.
Men do not have makeup for most people.

But there are things I have to do.
It is shaving.
In many men, whisker grows around the chin of the face, under the nose.
Although sometimes stretches as fashionable, it still needs care.
In order to keep it clean, you have to partially shave it.

This is often the phenomenon called razor defeat.
Razor is called a knife.
Originally I wear the root of the hair, but at that time I cut the skin.
, the skin gets scratched and it will be tingling.
We will correspond with cream etc.
In women, when you have to depil hair, you may shave it as well.
In armpits hair, you may shave yourself using a razor.
What is troublesome is that it can not be done as it is.

If it's a shinhead or the like, it will be visible.

But you can not see armpits directly, no matter how hard you try. You will see it using a mirror.
Furthermore, I will raise my hand.
Since there are still difficult to see, I will follow it carefully.
When it is a dominant hand, it is good, but you have to do it with the opposite hand. It will become familiar with doing it many times, but when a right-handed person shaves with the left hand it becomes cautionful.
Even without bleeding, keep care carefully.

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